Friday, July 28, 2006

PORTO RECANATI: It all started with the 'fro

LAST NIGHT WAS the grand party to celebrate the completion of the inaugural Camerano Project.

The website is already online and the students are still in Camerano.

Impressive, eh?

Check out the student's work at

For the party at Pininpero, a nightclub on the beach, graduate assistant Chas Davis went all kind of Starsky & Hutch on us.

And that was just the beginning.

Chas broke the ice on the dance floor, shaking and shimmying with student Mark Rowan.

The Travel Girls mingled with the kids from the project.

Jennifer Adams and Averyl Dunn got their groove on.

Then everything went crazy.

Berit tried to drag grad assistant Nikki Luccarelli into the Adriatic Sea.

Even though Berit couldn't get Nikki into the water, everyone else decided to take a swim ...

Including the local Italians, many of whom dipped into the sea in their tighty-whities.

And then they wouldn't put their pants back on (although Allison Fisher, right, didn't seem to mind).

Congratulations to the students of the Camerano Project for surviving and flourishing under extreme conditions.

- G. Miller


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