Saturday, August 05, 2006

RECANATI: Home of the poet Leopardi

THE TOWER THAT STANDS in the heart of Recanati was built around 1160 to unify the three castles that made up the town.

The imposing tower is 36 meters tall and can be seen for miles around.

But Recanati is more famous as the home of one of Italy's most well-known poets, Giacomo Leopardi (1798-1837).

Leopardi, of whom a statue now stands in the main piazza, was born and raised in the southern side of town and there are plaques referencing his life's accomplishments and works around the small, walkable city.

You can visit Leopardi's palazzo which is now a library and museum open to the public.

The town is a major attraction for Italians and foreigners alike, mostly because of Leopardi but also because the city is on the pilgrimage path to Loreto.

When we were there, the city was flooded with tourists from Japan, Great Britain, Germany and elsewehere.

- G. Miller


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