Sunday, August 06, 2006

CAGLI (part V): Let us now praise famous men

FANS OF ANDIAMO MAY wonder what exactly we are.

Sure, we make you laugh. Sometimes we make you curious. And other times, we probably make you think, "These people have the greatest jobs in the world."

It's true.

Here come's the plug: Andiamo Nelle Marche is an operation run by ieiMedia, the Institute for Education in International Media. Our staffers are student interns who receive no actual payment.

Working with the editor (George Miller - a journalist, photojournalist and educator) over a four week period, they documented what they saw and experienced.

The Andiamo team operated out of Camerano this summer, while another team of students worked on the Camerano Project - a comprehensive web documentary of the small city near the Conero Riviera.

Both projects are the products of the mind of Andrew Ciofalo (right, pictured singing karaoke with professor Chris Harper).

If you are interested in participating in future projects, please check out the ieiMedia link to the right or e-mail Andrew Ciofalo at

- G. Miller


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