Sunday, August 06, 2006

NUMANA (part IV): It was a pleasure!

THERE IS A RESTAURANT ON Numana Beach called Les Parasols.

Between the restaurant and the shore is a seating area of wooden tables and dark wicker chairs. Don’t try to sit with you feet on the chair because a manager will come outside and say slowly but in perfect English, “I have to ask you to put your feet down.”

The simple yet classy restaurant plays Norah Jones over the speakers. There are mostly tables for two with a few exceptions that seat four.

In Italian class we learn that macedonia means fruit salad and this restaurant serves it. The refreshing snack - a collection of diced fruits - is in a pitcher with a lid and it looks fresh as can be. You can also order a single, whole apple if you prefer. They serve it on a plate with a knife, fork and napkin, further proof of the restaurant’s elegance.

Other food that is available for lunch is salads, small chocolate cookies and pizza squares.

There was a young waiter at the restaurant and he was practicing his English with us.

“After you say thank you and I say it was a pleasure is that it? Does it end?” he asks.

“Um, yeah,” Ann answers.

He hands the bill over and Ann says, “Grazie.”

The waiter responds, “It was a pleasure!”

Then he throws his head back laughing, sending his curly black locks bouncing about in rhythm with his chuckling.

- Caitlyn Slivinski


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