Friday, August 18, 2006

FERMINGNANO: Small but worth a stop

THE AREA AROUND FERMINGANO is industrial, with large factories scattered along the road leading into the city.

And the town itself is tiny, with a small piazza and a handful of streets full of ancient homes.

But the tower and bridge that runs across the Metauro River is a sight to see.

From the city, you can walk across the bridge to, well, nowhere. It merely takes you towards a parking lot and a main road. But while you are on the bridge, the water flows beneath your feet and down a small set of waterfalls. From the main road, it is beautiful to see.

Abandoned factories line the river in the city, offering signs of why this place came to be: its great location.

It is also on the road to Urbino, the provincial capital. So if you are on your way to Urbino, stop off and see the wonderful town of Fermingano.

It won't take long.

- G. Miller


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