Monday, August 14, 2006

CANTIANO: Romans, dinosaurs, passion plays and horse meat

The city of Cantiano, nestled in the Appennine mountains, is rather well known for a city of 2,500 people.

First, there is a museum dedicated to the old Roman highway - the Via Flaminia - which runs through the city. In the area, there are numerous remains of the original road - large stone blocks and impressive, still-functioning bridges.

Second, there is a geological museum with a dinosaur named Ugo. Apparently, thousands upon thousands of years ago, the region was a non-Disney Jurassic Park.

Thirdly, on Good Friday every year, thousands of people come to Cantiano to watch the Passion Play which represents the condemnation, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

And finally, the people of Cantiano eat horse meat.

Yes, horse meat.

In the center of town, at the base of the hill where the remains of the old castle still stand, there are two meat butchers who both specialize in horse meat. And there are horse farms all around in the surrounding cuntryside.

Horse meat, apparently, isn't widely popular here but eating horse meat in Italy doesn't draw the same reaction as it would in America.

Give it a taste!

- G. Miller


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