Saturday, August 12, 2006

MONTE CONERO: Get a room with a view (cause you won't have a view otherwise)

YOU WOULD THINK THAT at the top of the highest point for miles, on a mountain that overlooks the beautiful blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, there would be some sort of lookout point for tourists.

Well, on the top of Monte Conero, there isn't.

We drove the winding roads to the top and all we found was an old church that is now attached to a luxury hotel.

Behind the hotel are woods where you can hear the sounds of splashing water from the sea several hundred feet below. But there is only one small place where you can view the Adriatic. It is through a ten foot clearing, near a precarious railing, a few hundred yards from the parking area.

That said, the hotel looked very nice - swimming pool, tennis courts, several restaurant options. And from the hotel rooms, there seemed like there would be a fine view of all points south.

- G. Miller


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