Thursday, August 10, 2006

Numana (part V): Would you rather have a permanent beer belly or only one ear?

“LET'S PADDLE REALLY HARD so we can get their faster,” Berit suggests and we haul-ass to get to the secluded beach, about a half-mile away.

We drag our kayak, which we had rented for 10 Euro per hour from a place called Corallo’s, to shore so it doesn’t float away. Then, we rip our life vests off and I dive into the water.

“Come on Berit,” I yell back to shore but she has collapses into a beach chair under an umbrella instead.

The water is warm with occasional cold spots. I swim to a raft floating a short distance from the shore. Moments later I’m joined by Ann, Philly, and George - my fellow kayakers. Slightly winded from our paddling we catch our breath and sun ourselves on the raft.

“People forget the joy of physical activity like kayaking and bike rides… and eating pistachio nuts”, Philly remarks.

We all agree.

Minutes pass and we get into the discussion of, “Would you rather?” This game involves choosing the better of two unpleasant situations.

“Would you rather have a permanent beer belly or only one ear?” Anne asks.

This is not an easy question and the next five minutes are spent weighing out the pros and cons of each affliction. More questions are posed over the next hour or so.

We eventually have to return our plastic, tourist-safe kayaks and we fight the currents back to the main beach.

Back at Corallo’s, we decide to treat ourselves to some snacks.

I feel like a kid again when we walk up to the snack bar. I order a caffe del Nonno which I’ve never tried before but looks good. I’ve seen it in many shops, its something like a coffee flavored milkshake.

“That’s so good!” Berit says, deciding to get one for herself.

It’s a small cup but it is thick and has an icy consistency so it lasts. It is very filling.

It’s the perfect way to relax after our Adriatic adventure.

- Caitlyn Slivinski


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